Frequently asked questions

  • What is KyCPA?
  • How can I reach the staff at KyCPA?
  • How do I find out more about becoming a KyCPA member?
  • Where do I search for a job or post an open position in the finance field?
  • Where can I find a CPA?
  • How do I learn more about becoming a CPA?
  • I want to reach your members. How can I do that?
  • Where is KyCPA located?
  • What is the Gratzer Education Center?
    KyCPA's home office is located in Louisville and includes staff offices and meeting space. The lower level of the building is the Gratzer Education Center, named after KyCPA's longtime executive director, the late Ben Gratzer, and is used for many of KyCPA's CPE classes, courses, conferences, meetings and other educational events.
  • Can I hold a meeting at your facility?
    The Gratzer Education Center offers two classrooms, depending upon availability. Call KyCPA at 502-266-5272 or 800-292-1754 to find out more. Also, more information is available here.
  • May I place an ad for or otherwise promote a CPE program my group is offering?
    No. KyCPA does not accept advertising or promote programs or events that compete with it or its mission (including events that qualify for CPE credit). 
  • Do you sell your members' names, addresses or email addresses?
    No. Never. We do not do that. More questions? Contact us. mobryan@kycpa.org or the staff directory.
  • What's the difference between KyCPA and the State Board of Accountancy?
    KyCPA and the State Board are two separate entities. KyCPA is a professional membership organization. The State Board is the regulatory and licensing agency for certified public accountants. It is a state government agency. For example, if you want to:
    Renew your membership or pay membership dues – contact KyCPA
    Renew your license and pay associated fees – State Board

    The State Board sets your CPE and licensing requirements; KyCPA is a place where you can get CPE.
    You can contact the State Board at http://cpa.ky.gov/ or call 502.595.3037.

  • Is my certificate number the same as my member ID?
    No, your certificate number is not the same as your KyCPA Member ID number.
    When you become a member of KyCPA, you are assigned a membership number. That is the number you need to know in order to log in to the KyCPA Web site for registration purposes, for example.
    When you are certified as a CPA by the State Board of Accountancy, you attain a certificate number.
    KyCPA has a record of both numbers in our database, so if you need to know either you can call us and ask.