Educator grants

Educator Grants

The Educational Foundation of the Kentucky Society of CPAs awards up to eight $500 grants to High School business and accounting educators to enhance their classes. All portions of the application must be completed. Awards are made throughout the year to the best proposals.

Educational Foundation Educator Grant Facts


Teachers, staff or others who work directly with Kentucky High Schools in creative ways are eligible to apply. Grants are funded for up to $500 each for development and implementation of new learning opportunities that:

  • Align with the vision and goals of the KyCPA Educational Foundation
  • Integrate accounting and business in the classroom
  • Support classroom instruction
  • Support Kentucky standards of learning
  • Provide replicable models of best practices
  • Foster community and business collaboration
  • Improve student achievement and learning


  • Grants awarded by the KyCPA Educational Foundation are deigned to promote educational excellence and educational relevance by connecting the world of education with the world of business and accounting.
  • The program benefits educators, the business world, the accounting profession and students.
  • By providing educators with grant dollars that can be incorporated into their curriculum and learning activities, the result is a well-educated student that benefits business and the workforce as a whole.


  • Complete the application, providing details about your project (click below to download the Grant Application)
  • Return to the KyCPA Educational Foundation at the address below.


Click here to download the Grant Application. All applications and requests for information can be directed to:

KyCPA Educational Foundation
Samantha Soutar
1735 Alliant Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40299