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Could your firm benefit from receiving FREE client referrals?
Act now to get your firm enrolled in the Society’s Online CPA Referral Service! The Online CPA Referral Service was developed to provide the public free and easy access to information on participating firms. Using the Referral Service, potential clients access your firm’s information and choose which firm they wish to contact.

How does it work?
From KyCPA’s Web site, the public can easily locate a CPA to match their specific needs. The Online CPA Referral Service database allows a person to search for a CPA firm using criteria such as industry, service and any Kentucky county. Once the selection criteria are entered, matches are quickly produced.

How much does it cost?
A two-year listing is absolutely FREE! All you have to do is enroll. A listing includes the following information: firm name, address, phone and fax, Web site link, number of CPAs in the firm, number of years in business, and the email address of a designated contact.

If you haven’t signed up for the Online CPA Referral Service yet, you could be losing potential clients!
Did you know KyCPA receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for a CPA? In 2016, unique views of the Referral Service web page have increased 33% over 2015. Inquiries are not just limited to busy season. Make your firm be noticed year-round!

How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy. Enroll now!

If your firm is already enrolled: Please review your firm’s listing and submit any changes using the update form, or contact Heather Hibbs at at 502.736.1368 or

Questions? Contact Heather Hibbs at 502.736.1368 or 800.292.1754 or