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Feb 13

Enterprise Risk Management For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses 2015 Update: Risk Plays No Favorites

Risk!  It is the topic that keeps CFO’s and Controllers awake at night.  Are you aware of your firm’s current exposure to risk?  Are you prepared for the unexpected disaster, product failure, litigation or compliance...

Feb 13

Balanced Scorecard Module I: Overview

Every organization needs a Balanced Scorecard to: COMMUNICATE organizational goals and strategy to Everyone! ALIGN All employees so everyone is rowing in the same direction! LEARN if their strategy is working to achieve goals sooner rather than...

Feb 13

Balanced Scorecard Module II: Show how Balanced Scorecard Support Strategy

Purpose of Balanced Scorecard is to successfully implement Strategy in order to achieve organizational goals. This module will: Review aspects of strategy to better understand how Balanced Scorecard supports strategy. Stress importance of a...

Feb 13

Rolling Forecasts Replace Budget

Almost every organization realizes time and cost of budgeting is not worth the benefit. Some organizations find their budget out of date even before the year starts and most find it out-of-date by mid-year. Budgets are the 'bane of...

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