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Sep 2

Excel - A Beginner's Guide to Building Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful programs available for CPAs. It includes many time-saving techniques that most CPAs never put into practice. This course is designed to help you get up and running on Excel quickly and efficiently. Even...

Sep 3

Excel - Preparing Your Source Data for Analysis

The quality of your data analysis is directly related to the quality of your data structure. Most Excel users start with a blank spreadsheet, then enter their data with little or no thought about the results or desired outcome. Now that I have...

Sep 3

iPad/Tablet - Managing Your Files Using Cloud Storage

Storage capacity can be limited on tablet devices but cloud storage systems give you access to unlimited storage capacity. This course focuses on the top cloud storage systems, where we will discuss and demonstrate how you can integrate them into...

Sep 3

Fraud: 10 Scary Cases in Audits

This webinar will address the facts of what went wrong in many audit cases, with a discussion of what it will cost the firm.

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