CPAs and Seniors: A conference for CPAs serving an aging population
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CPAs and Seniors: A conference for CPAs serving an aging population - Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Major Topics

• Industry update: The global economy and alignment of innovation
• Elder Financial Abuse
• Why it’s important for a CPA to identify and report elder abuse
 (Elder financial abuse now affects nearly one in five seniors. And while it’s currently a multi-billion dollar problem, the cases are vastly underreported. Safeguarding seniors’ life savings requires being proactive. CPAs can identify potential issues before a crisis ensues. Learning about current scams and “red flags” is important. Engaging older clients in conversations about advance planning is also critical. And technology tools now exist that monitor for capacity issues suggesting that they might be at risk. By focusing on prevention, elder fraud will soon be a thing of the past). 
• Improving your customer service in working with older adults
• Advising your clients on assisted living
• Long term care insurance
• How to protect your assets as you age

Designed For

This conference is designed for any CPA who is advising senior clients or any individual who is managing senior care.




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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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