Introduction to Lean Management Accounting (AM)

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Lean is a multi-faceted business strategy, with a primary focus on employees and learning. Through the use of various lean tools, practices and methods, employees learn to master their work, solve the right problems and help an organization learn how to doing things tomorrow it cannot do today. That’s why we should always talk about “lean thinking” as opposed to “doing lean”. 

Lean also changes the way an organization thinks about making money. The financial impact of a lean strategy is well known – all we need to do is look at the many companies that have been successful in their transformations. We know that focusing an organization on customer value will result in revenue growth, and that the deployment of lean tools and techniques that create flow and eliminate waste will result in improved cost management. These are the economics of lean.

But before any of that appears, a fundamental shift must occur in what and how an organization measures itself operationally and financially. Financial management must be aligned with the economics of lean, and that’s what lean accounting is all about.

To achieve success, a lean organization must develop an effective and efficient management accounting function that complements its financial accounting system to provide a knowledge base for effectively making decisions about the future (this is critical because the focus of financial accounting is on past activity). Lean accounting makes relevant information available to decision makers on a timely basis.

In this workshop, you will learn how to build and use a lean management accounting system to make relevant information available to decision makers on a timely basis. In this workshop you will be using A3 forms to develop target conditions for financial management practices in your organization, understand your current state and develop some specific actions to guide your organization to Lean Financial Management Practices.


Lean Financial Thinking 
How and why organizations must change their thinking about financial success in a lean organization

Creating a Box Score
Introduce and explain the methods of Lean Accounting and how each works in a lean company

  • Value stream management
  • Lean performance measurements
  • Value stream income statement
  • Value stream capacity

Lean Financial Management – Using the Box Score
Financial management and analysis practices to evaluate typical business decisions such as profitability analysis, cost management, financial planning, investment analysis and value stream financial management

Lean Financial Coaching
Learn how to develop Lean Financial Coaches and use them to facilitate a Lean Accounting Tranformation

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