Business Consulting for CPAs


Does your firm have interest in expanding its’ services beyond traditional CPA services?  Do you have staff with the expertise to compete against non-CPA firms? Welcome to a course that will lead you through the maze of creating a successful Consulting Business Practice for your CPA firm. The course will help you understand: where consulting business opportunities exist, what are the firm’s professional responsibilities and most importantly how to recognize the needs of the client.




  • Recognize the option to expand your firms services
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Determine what is valuable to the client
  • Recognize professional standards appropriate in consulting engagements
  • Learn how to be a better informed business expert – not just a CPA


  • What is Business Consulting?
  • Identify the types of Management services your firm could offer.
  • How to become the trusted advisor – identification of client’s needs?
  • Learn how client expectations may create different performance and understanding levels for CPAs in business consulting engagements.
  • Know what it takes to create a valuable outcome for the client.
  • Understand the competitive advantages/disadvantages that your firm has versus non-CPA business consultants.
  • Learn techniques to become a more effective consultant.
  • Professional standards application

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Online registration for this course is currently closed. To register for this course, please call us at (800) 292-1754.

Friday, June 24th

2:00pm to 5:40pm

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