Excel University: Excel Automation Skills 1


Excel University Masters 1 teaches Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI. It demonstrates how to use these powerful tools to build the process that builds our reports (tables and graphs). We select the report and graph type based on Stephen Few's book, Show Me the Numbers. Plus, we incorporate his design practices to ensure effective communication. This course uses case studies to simulate real-world workbooks and projects. The final case study brings everything together as we build a dashboard to monitor our business. We complete each case study in both Excel and Power BI. There is also a library of Excel workbooks with reference charts. Check out the first video from the course below to learn more.




In this course, you will learn to:

  • Recall which type of graph is useful to feature a given relationship (nominal, ranking, part-to-whole, time series, distribution, deviation, correlation, and geospatial) 
  • Identify the Excel feature that summarizes values and displays them in rows and columns and includes totals 
  • Recall which tool is designed to get and transform data 
  • State the Excel feature that creates a graph 
  • Recall which tool allows you to relate multiple tables and write measures for use in a report 
  • Recognize that an explicit measure is written in Power Pivot 
  • Recall which application incorporates the same technologies included in Power Query and Power Pivot



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