Surgent's Using the Work of a Specialist and Internal Audit


During the audit of the financial statements, an auditor will obtain evidence from many sources to support the account balances, transactions, and events that occurred during the period, as well as the financial statement disclosures. This course discusses the use of management's specialists, the auditor's specialists, inventory counting services, pricing services and internal audit. (Please Note: This module is part of Surgent's Audit Skills Training: Level 5.)




  • Identify the different types of specialists that can be used in a financial statement audit.
  • Describe the role that internal audit can play in a financial statement audit.
  • Identify the different roles that management specialists play and understand how auditors evaluate evidence obtained.
  • Identify the procedures the communications between an auditor and an auditor’s specialist , the division of responsibility and the work to be performed by the auditor on information obtained.
  • Describe the role that a pricing service can plan in a financial statement audit and how the auditor should test the information.


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