The Many Faces of Fraud Shedding Light on the Tactics of Modern Day Swindlers


"Did you know that fraud is like a parasite, feeding on the lifeblood of the industry and causing billions in losses each year? Join Chuck Gallagher, a renowned expert in fraud prevention, for 'The Many Faces of Fraud: Shedding Light on the Tactics of Modern-Day Swindlers,' a captivating two-hour course that will empower you to thwart these financial predators.

Chuck will guide you through the most common forms of fraud, revealing the psychology and motivations of swindlers. Through real-life case studies and hands-on exercises, you'll learn practical strategies for identifying red flags and responding effectively to safeguard your organization.

Enroll now to gain invaluable insights and join the fight against these cunning adversaries!"




  • Gain insight into the psychology and motivations of fraudsters, including the Fraud Triangle and common traits associated with individuals involved in insurance fraud.
  • Understand the different types and consequences of fraud in the industry.
  • Acquire the skills needed to identify red flags, analyze data, and use technology tools for detecting potential insurance fraud, as well as the knowledge required to develop prevention and response strategies.
  • Apply their knowledge to real-world examples of fraud cases through case studies.
  • Gain knowledge and resources to effectively manage insurance fraud within their organizations, including building internal controls, conducting employee training, and collaborating with relevant agencies.


  • Understanding Fraud
  • Psychology and Motivation of Fraudsters
  • Detection and Prevention Strategies
  • Real World Case Studies
  • Effective Fraud Management

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Online registration for this course is currently closed. To register for this course, please call us at (800) 292-1754.

Thursday, June 6th

1:00pm to 3:07pm

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