2024 Multistate Taxation - Issues and Planning Opportunities


Join our course on Multistate Taxation – Issues and Planning Opportunities designed for financial professionals. Learn about crucial topics like nexus implications, state taxable income calculations, and audit defense strategies. Gain practical insights to integrate these considerations into client financial plans effectively. From deciphering complex formulas to understanding state-specific regulations, this course equips you with actionable knowledge to excel in finance. Explore multistate business activities, choice of business entity, and interstate commerce clauses. By course completion, you'll be ready to identify common pitfalls, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with multistate taxation. Join us and navigate the complexities of finance confidently.

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  • Recognize the concept of nexus and its implications for multistate taxation
  • Discuss the calculation methods for determining state taxable income in a multistate context
  • Recall the formulas used in multistate taxation calculations and understand their application
  • Identify considerations for audit defense strategies specific to multistate tax scenarios
  • Describe the impact of state-specific regulations on multistate income taxation
  • Identify potential challenges and opportunities associated with conducting business across state borders
  • List factors influencing the choice of business entity in a multistate operating environment
  • Recognize the significance of interstate commerce clauses in shaping multistate taxation policies
  • Identify common pitfalls and risks associated with non-compliance in multistate taxation
  • Recognize the significance of domicile regarding estate planning and state death tax issues


  • Multistate Business Activities
  • Nexus and Implications
  • State Taxable Income
  • Business-Related Issues
  • Formulas and Their Application
  • Audit Defense Strategies
  • State Specific Regulations
  • Choice of Business Entity
  • Interstate Commerce Clauses
  • Domicile in relation to State Death Taxation

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Thursday, May 16th

12:00pm to 7:41pm

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