College to Accounting Professional University (CAP U)


Does your future employer?

Mold the skills you need to stand out and elevate your opportunities at CAP U 2021, a 3-part series event.

June 3, 10, & 17, 2021 from 12-2 pm est

Applications open March 1 - April 30

A free program designed to:

  • Enhance professional skills
  • Master interviewing techniques to help edge out the competition for internships and jobs
  • Perfect networking and communication skills
  • Learn about career opportunities

Eligibility Requirements:

  • College accounting, finance or business student enrolled at an accredited college or university in Kentucky or southern Indiana with the intent to (or already declared) major in accounting
  • Must be at least a sophomore and be enrolled in the 2021 academic year for at least one semester
  • Maintained a 2.75 GPA

View the Series Agenda Here!

Program will also include the option to participate in a virtual mock interview and lunch vouchers for each day.

“This program increased my knowledge of the accounting profession, and it gave me a feel of what it’s like to work in accounting. The speakers provided relevant insight that answered lots of questions I had, as well as helpful tips for a successful career." Hope Odubena, Asbury University

“The College to Accounting Professional University (CAP U) virtual experience was truly an engaging, informative, and exciting opportunity! I learned so much about emerging technologies, communication, and leadership, and I am grateful for the chance to participate. Having these experiences to learn, network, and share with others really makes a difference in our personal and professional lives.” – Jenna Williams, University of Louisville

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