New CPAs

Congratulations, newly certified CPAs

The following individuals have been recently approved by the Kentucky State Board of Accountancy to receive their CPA certificates and will be recognized during our virtual Spring Awards Banquet on May 14, 2021.


  • Caitlin M. Ahern, CPA, Louisville
  • Jennifer K. Aros, CPA, Louisville
  • Robin Atnip, CPA, Frankfort
  • Kenneth P. Barber Jr., CPA, Munfordville
  • Taylor W. Bennett, CPA, Scottsville
  • Christine A. Bieniosek, CPA., Taylor Mill
  • Brook H. Billings, CPA, Lexington
  • Thomas O. Bowns, CPA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Nathan Brittain, CPA, Newport
  • Allyson R. Brutscher, CPA, Louisville
  • Zhide Justin Cao, CPA, Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Francis R. Cavaliere, CPA, Lexington
  • Shan Chen, CPA, Concord, Calif.
  • James C. Childress, CPA, Lexington
  • Jacob John D. Coffey, CPA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Haley Coons, CPA, Owensboro
  • Allison E. Cooper, CPA, Louisville
  • Helen V. Cooper, CPA, Louisville
  • Mahlon Dennis, CPA, Lexington
  • Erin Donohew, CPA, Lexington
  • Victoria L. Downing, CPA, Louisville
  • Lauren R. Duncan, CPA, Bowling Green
  • Eric T. Egan, CPA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Holly N. Estes, CPA, Eubank
  • Brian C. Fister, CPA, Lexington
  • Emily L. Floyd, CPA, Dallas, Texas
  • Richard T. Flynn, CPA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Maribeth K. Greer, CPA, Alexandria
  • Abigail A. Grimes, CPA, Louisville
  • Juliet M. Griswold, CPA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Qiujia Guo, CPA, Smyrna, Tenn.
  • John M. Gutermuth, CPA, Louisville
  • Grant A. Hammons, CPA, Louisville
  • William S. Hampton, CPA, Nicholasville
  • Brent I. Handy, CPA, Lexington
  • David S. Harrison, CPA, Erlanger
  • Catherine H. Hermes, CPA, Louisville
  • David M. Hesse, CPA, Louisville
  • Joseph D. Hilliard, CPA, Bowling Green
  • Brooklin Hinz, CPA, Olathe, Kan.
  • Bailey L. Horsley, CPA, Leitchfield


  • Warren K. Irons, CPA, Bowling Green
  • Austin J. Kennedy, CPA, Chesterfield, Mo.
  • Sarah E. Kerrick, CPA, Louisville
  • William C. King, CPA, Louisville
  • Amar Korac, CPA, Louisville
  • Makensie B. LeQuire, CPA, Phoenix, Ariz.
  • Hong Li, CPA, Lexington
  • Houston P. Lichtefeld, CPA, Prospect
  • Junhao Lin, CPA, Shenzhen GuangDong, China
  • Jennifer C. Lucas, CPA, Louisville
  • Matthew Mamoth, CPA, Hopinsville
  • Mary L. Maze, CPA, Lexington
  • Anthony J. McCormick, CPA, Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Pooja M. Menon, CPA, Beaverton, Ore.
  • Tyler G. Merrill, CPA, Burlington, Vt.
  • Austin J. Miller, CPA, Newport
  • Lauren A. Mills, CPA, Ekron
  • Jeffrey Mullaney, CPA, Lexington
  • Christa A. Myers, CPA, Edgewood
  • Savana J. Ortiz, CPA, Paducah
  • Sophie Owens, CPA, Dallas, Texas
  • Emily E. Parsley, CPA, Nashville, Tenn.
  • Bryan L. Pautsch, CPA, Union
  • Ryan Payne, CPA, Louisville
  • Rachael K. Puckett, CPA, Louisville


  • Elizabeth Ramsay, CPA, Louisville
  • Darlene M. Rich, CPA, Louisville
  • Gabriel Richardson, CPA, Louisville
  • Connor M. Ritchey, CPA, Boulder, Colo.
  • Charles J. Rogers Jr., CPA, Jeffersonville, Ind.
  • Daniel K. Rogers, CPA, Lexington
  • Austin T. Schroeder, CPA, Glasgow
  • Bryan J. Setz, CPA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Kristen Siegfried, CPA, Louisville
  • Samuel Souers, CPA, Lexington
  • Clayton T. Sowell, CPA, Bowling Green
  • Sean J. Sutton, CPA, Newport
  • Ayesha Tanweer, CPA, Louisville
  • Rebecca Thorman, CPA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Thomas E. Thorn, CPA, Midway, Utah
  • Webb P. VanMeter, CPA, Lexington
  • Taylor P. Walker, CPA, Hopkinsville
  • Jiageng Wang, CPA, Shenzhen GuangDong, China
  • Julie Warders, CPA, Louisville
  • William J. Wertz, CPA, Louisville
  • Stephanie P. White, CPA, Crestwood
  • Anthony S. Wickline, CPA, Lexington
  • Andrew K. Wilson, CPA, Brentwood, Tenn.
  • Ke'Aira Wooden-Brown, CPA, Louisville
  • Yuanyuan Zheng, CPA, Brooklyn, N.Y.

New opportunity to congratulate newly certified CPAs

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