New CPAs

Congratulations, newly certified CPAs

The following individuals were recently approved to receive their CPA license in Kentucky and will be recognized at our Spring Awards Banquet on April 24. If you know someone on this list, please congratulate them on their accomplishments. Click here for more information about the Spring Awards Banquet or to register.


  • Admiraal, Yilina, CPA, Louisville
  • Alagic, Emina, CPA, Bowling Green
  • Ansari, Neeaz, CPA, Louisville
  • Aylor, Robert W., CPA, Union
  • Bailey, Ryan K., CPA, Campbellsville
  • Barrios, Jonathan J., CPA, Louisville
  • Braun, Zachary M., CPA, Lexington
  • Buttleman, Tyler M., CPA, Lexington
  • Cardine, Shauntia V., CPA, Louisville
  • Chastain, Lindsey L., CPA, Louisville
  • Darnall, Hanna M., CPA, Louisville
  • Delaney, Collin, CPA, Prospect
  • Dilly, Michael, CPA, Lexington
  • Dlugosz, Nicole, CPA, Fisherville
  • Doyle, Nathaniel, CPA, Lexington
  • Feldkamp, Mary A., CPA, Louisville
  • Foster, Corin T., CPA, Lexington
  • Frasure, Scott, CPA, Louisville
  • Fritz, Heath G., CPA, Henderson
  • Furbush, Timothy J., CPA, Covington
  • Gilligan, Michael R., CPA, Louisville
  • Gingrich, Connor E., CPA, Louisville
  • Guess, Jordan M., CPA, Louisville
  • Gullett, Keith A., CPA, Louisville


  • Hale, Brandon, CPA, Louisville
  • Hanna, John D., CPA, Nicholasville
  • Hare, Daniel, CPA, Louisville
  • Hastings, Thomas L. III, CPA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Holcomb, Miranda L., CPA, Georgetown
  • Howard, Haley R., CPA, Goshen
  • Jarboe, Jeremy W., CPA, Louisville
  • Judd, Conner, CPA, Louisville
  • Kerr, Allison, CPA, Louisville
  • King, Alison, CPA, Louisville
  • Kragel, Kameron E., CPA, Lexington
  • Kramer, Julianne M., CPA, New Albany, Ind.
  • Krupa, Ashlee K., CPA, Nicholasville
  • Logan, Carli R., CPA, Bowling Green
  • Mayne, Devin W., CPA, Nashville, Tenn.
  • McManus, Wesley R., CPA, Wilmington, NC 


  • Newell, Mark D., CPA, Danville

  • Newport, Oliver, CPA, Louisville
  • Overbee, Joseph S., CPA, Louisville
  • Parks, Matthew, CPA, Lexington
  • Patterson, Allen W. Jr, CPA, Prospect
  • Pollock, Justen D., CPA, Almo
  • Prater, Hannah M., CPA, Lexington
  • Prisinzano, Deanna O., CPA, Lexington
  • Runge, Nathan A., CPA, Jeffersonville, Ind.
  • Ryan, Diane C., CPA, Crestwood
  • Scott, Miranda L., CPA, Campbellsville
  • Sireci, Vincent, CPA, Northampton, Mass.
  • Smith, Trent, CPA, Louisville
  • Stockton, Molly R., CPA, Covington
  • Stubbs, Klein S., CPA, Louisville
  • Thaman, Tori L., CPA, Burlington