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July 2023

Nate Littles

Nate Littles, CPA 
Tax Manager

KyCPA member 

Why did you decide to become a CPA?

I went to Bellarmine pursuing my accounting degree, with the goal to become a CPA because of the job security and earning potential. It was my junior year when I received my first IRS notice about capital gains taxes that I owed on some stock that I had sold back in my sophomore year. That was the defining moment for me! I was furious, as the IRS didn’t take any of the risk on my investment, or help in the decision making on the stocks that I picked. They came in with a letter and a hefty bill plus penalties and interest! I wanted to make sure that none of my friends, family or clients have to go through that feeling or at least they are aware of the tax liability.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Educating clients and utilizing the tax law to help clients save on taxes. Often times people read a headline or see something on Instagram or Tik Tok on “How to Save Taxes…” I enjoy clearing up the confusion and helping clients keep their hard earned income. It’s an enjoyable game that I’ve gotten good at.

What are your long-term goals related to you career?

I’m pursuing the partnership path here at DMLO. So short term goal is to become a partner.

Where do you think the accounting industry is headed in the future?

I’m excited for the future, because there is a lot of opportunity! It seems like there are more opportunities today than ever for client to generate and earn income and with that planning opportunities arise.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a CPA?

Do it! Get started today if possible, there is no reason to wait.

What was your educational path?

Non-Traditional. Graduated with a BA in Business, and went right into the workforce. I then went back to Bellarmine through the Accounting Certificate Program, to get the remaining accounting courses and to get my 150 credit hours.

How have you been involved with the KyCPA?

I’ve been a member of KyCPA since I was a student at Bellarmine. The student membership was free, so I went to a couple of events but mainly used the resources to help in my pursuit of the CPA.

What are some of your personal hobbies?

I enjoy being outside. I can be found out at one of Louisville’s many parks, on the golf course or playing soccer with friends.

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