Find a Speaker

The Society has recruited a Speaker’s Bureau comprised of successful CPAs who work in all areas of accounting to speak to high school and/or college students and professional organizations. Sign up to have a CPA come to your school or professional organization.

Why are we doing this?

There are a lot of stereotypes regarding accountants…myths we would like to dispel. Our speaker's bureau consists of CPAs who are passionate about their profession-not bean counters or egg heads-but exciting, dynamic professionals who can show you that accounting is not just about debits, credits and tax season. These CPAs want to show how exciting and diverse this profession can be.  Today’s CPA is the ultimate business person with the knowledge and expertise that can lead them up the ladder of success. Today’s CPA works with technology companies, small businesses, international conglomerates, the FBI, the CIA, and professional sports teams. Whether in small-town Kentucky or a bustling metropolis, a world of opportunity is out there for today’s CPA…and tomorrow’s. 

Request a speaker

All you have to do is fill out the application form and the Society will have a CPA call you and set up the time and date of the presentation.  

Application Form

Questions: Zoe Sapin at