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Issue 5

December 14, 2020

CPA…3 letters, a million possibilities 

Kentucky CPAs and college accounting students share their journey and advice

The Kentucky Society of CPAs, in an effort to attract new talent to the CPA profession, asked Kentucky CPAs and college accounting students to share via video their journey and advice to those trying to choose the right career path for them. CPA and accounting student videos will continue to be released over the next several months. 

How can you help spread the word about accounting careers?

It is simple, share the videos and links with your network. This will help your connections know more about the CPA profession. Many of us know a high school student or young adult who is undecided on their career path; let's share the endless opportunities that lie within the accounting profession!

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Keep an eye on our social media channels over the next few months for new videos that are shareable or on our YouTube channel playlist

You may also send your contacts the link to our website for additional resources. There are pages specifically for high school, college students and educators, along with information that parents will find of interest, too at