The Kentucky CPA Journal


2021 spring conferences: Save the date

Issue 5
December 14, 2020

Tentative dates

  • April 16: Spring Business
  • April 22: Nonprofit
  • May 12-13: Accounting & Auditing
  • May 20: Kentucky Accounting College Educators
  • June 17: Estate Planning

2020 attendee testimonials 

Spring Business 2020

  • Great job on converting this to virtual. I really like Adobe connect and I thought overall it went very well. Great job!!!!
  • Great job during these difficult times.
  • Appreciate the willingness to move this to a virtual event given the pandemic
  • Great job considering the circumstances! 
  • I've attended (thru webinar) for the past several years. I've enjoyed it all but think this is one of the best presentations to date (and I don't think that's just isolation talking!).
  • Great job, I know it was hard with it 100% being remote, but generally, it was a good conference with all the information I wanted/needed
  • I enjoyed the Excel presentation by Dan Stone. I would recommend having another session for the Business & Industry Conference in the fall. It was very interesting and relevant.

Nonprofit 2020

  • Great webinar/conference platform. I had no issues with it!
  • Great job adapting the agenda to current events.
  • Missed the interaction of in person event, but was glad to get the content by webinar

Estate Planning 2020

  • I enjoyed the virtual aspect/method of seminar presentation much more than I thought I would. Very important to keep topics/presenters relatively short (1 hour was good) to maintain interest.
  • This seminar offered great potential. It was a joint effort from the Kentucky CPA Society and the Louisville Bar Association. Since I’m both an attorney and a CPA, it held great promise for me personally. How could it miss? The lineup of speakers was fantastic, they were all top-notch professionals who had obviously come well prepared, the topics were current and relevant, and the organizers had clearly put everything into place (or so it seemed). The result, however, was very disappointing. The plan was apparently well envisioned. The speakers were all lined up and scheduled. But, something(s) went wrong. The main problem, of course, was the inability to hear the speakers, or to hear them very well. Some speakers could not be heard at all. It was a terrible result. The attendees had paid a not-insignificant fee to attend, and the speakers had invested considerable time and effort to deliver interesting and informative presentations. The look on some of the speakers' faces said it all. It was painful to watch. I have been on a few Zoom conferences. I believe this seminar was held on Adobe Connect. Was the bad result the result of a glitch in the Adobe software? Was it the result of something in my personal Wi-Fi set up or computer? Or was it the result of the choice of my location in my house where I chose to attend? Perhaps, but the relatively few Zoom conference I’ve attended went smoothly. At one point on this seminar, I abandoned the computer audio and phoned in, using the call-in number and code shown in the chat box. Even that didn’t work as it should have, but an attendant came on the line and connected me. I am personally saddened and embarrassed by the result for all the attendees, the speakers, and the organizers. I don’t know what else to say except “thank you” to all those folks who worked so hard to try to make the seminar a success.
  • Given the circumstances, I thought the program went well. This is a time that calls for a lot of patience. You guys did an admirable job with the technology. Thank you for making the effort to put this together.