The Kentucky CPA Journal

KyCPA member spotlights

Issue 1
February 12, 2020


Meet Scott Grant, CPA, a lead senior accountant at Sgsco.

What influenced your decision to become a CPA?

In high school, my involvement in Junior Achievement led me to a career in accounting. Having an acumen for numbers, I immediately gravitated to the finance role in our mock company. I quickly found value in the function and chose to focus on accounting from then on. 

What's the best aspect of your job?

My current job affords me to travel all around the globe. After having a two month stint in India in 2019, I'm currently on location in Mauritius, a small island country off of the coast of Africa. I've been afforded chances to discover parts of the world I would never have dreamed of visiting on my own, without my career.

Being a CPA, what opportunities did this career path open for you?

Being a CPA, especially during my public accounting work, has afforded me to experience a wide variety of industries, to meet some of the most extraordinary people and to create professional bonds that will last a lifetime. I've literally been able to witness just "how the sausage is made" at a manufacturing company, experienced the passion of nonprofits in engaging with their community efforts and engaged with business owners of all types. I've also been afforded the opportunity to serve on several boards, volunteering my expertise for my community.    

How have the KyCPA committees that you have served on influenced the profession?

I have served on both the CPE committee and the Accounting Career Opportunities (ACO) committee. I love the ACO Committee because we engage with students in order to promote CPAs as a career choice. Working with the students has inspired me to become the professional I am today.

How has being a KyCPA committee member helped you make a difference?

The students that we engage through the College to Accounting Professional University (CAP U) gives us the ability to show students how a career in accounting can benefit them. Bringing in real CPAs from all parts of industry and allowing them to engage with students not only gives the students exposure to real professional contacts, but it also gives CPAs in industry the ability to recruit for their own firms and companies. Continued engagement will help to supply the industry with tomorrow's workforce. 

How has your committee involvement improved your networking contacts?

I've made lifelong friends from my committee involvement that I continue to engage with on a regular basis, for professional advice and personal development. Whether I was engaging with clients, collaborating with colleagues or volunteering in a board capacity, there were always opportunities to meet new people. I continue to build that network as I travel the globe today. 

Any advice to students working towards becoming a CPA or new CPAs?

Don't give up. The rewards are too great when you achieve your goals. Never move backward, always forward. If you continue to move, you will eventually arrive. 

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