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Get the industry-specific insights you need to maintain a strong organization for your organization or your clients and get informed about unique challenges facing nonprofits.

Designed for: CPAs and accountants at nonprofit organizations and CPAs that advise nonprofits.


Thursday, Apr 25th

8:00AM TO 8:50AM / General Sessions

Chris Howard, CIO & Chief Product Lead, Slingshot

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding AI. This session is designed to demystify the complexities of Artificial Intelligence for businesses across all industries. Conducted by Slingshot’s CIO, Chris Howard, this workshop promises to be an exhilarating journey through the world of AI, tailored to prepare you and your partners for the future.

8:55AM TO 9:45AM / General Sessions

Kyle Brice, Sr. Analyst, Special Agent, US Department of the Treasury IRS Criminal Investigation Division

Designed to provide information on financial fraud in NFPs. Kyle will provide a brief overview of what the organization does and share real-life examples. 

9:50AM TO 10:40AM / General Sessions

Melisa Galasso, Founder & CEO, Galasso Learning Solutions

The 2024 Yellow Book was issued in February 2024. This session will review the key changes in Chapter 5 as well as explain its interaction with the AICPA Quality Management standards. The session will also address changes in the financial auditing section.

10:50AM TO 11:40AM / General Sessions

Melisa Galasso, Founder & CEO, Galasso Learning Solutions

The current expected credit loss model impacts nonprofits that have exchange transactions. We’ll review the key elements of CECL as well as the unique implications for nonprofit organizations. Come ready to put your learnings into action with a case study!

11:40AM TO 12:20PM / General Sessions

12:20PM TO 2:05PM / General Sessions

David Trimner, Managing Partner, Trimner Beckham

Form 990 has 16 separate schedules for nonprofit organizations to describe their various activities.  Learn how the schedules interact with each other and with the core form, and consider how they can be used to enhance the public’s perception of your nonprofit.  Understand how to gather the information throughout the year that will go into completing the relevant schedules.

2:10PM TO 3:00PM / General Sessions

David Cobb, Senior VP, Campaign Division, Ashley Rountree & Associates

This session will provide an overview of the essential governance best practices that every non-profit organization should be implementing to build public trust and to ensure its operations provide for sustained viability .  During this session we will look at common issues and trends that often derail these efforts and what steps organizations can take to course correct when needed.

3:10PM TO 4:00PM / General Sessions

Jenny Bowen, VP, Grants & Research, Sr Consultant, Ashley Rountree & Associates

Keeley Parker, VP, Fundraising Solutions, Sr Consultant, Ashley Rountree & Associates

Join us for an insightful presentation on navigating the landscape of individual and grant-giving, where we will explore current trends, tips, and the fundamentals of successful philanthropic giving. Whether you are an individual donor looking to maximize your impact or a nonprofit seeking to secure grant funding, this session will provide valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance giving efforts.

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Thursday, April 25th

8:00am to 4:00pm
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