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KyCPA Behind the Numbers podcast covers relevant topics and information that involve accounting and the CPA profession. 

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Join our new host KyCPA Communications, Marketing and Creative Director, Kimberly Lindsey the second Wednesday of each month. 

January 2021

The future of work is now

Tracey Golden CPA, CGMA, chairman of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and chairman of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, spoke at KyCPA's December 2020 Holiday Luncheon. This episode of Behind the Numbers is a replay of her presentation, The future of work is now, from the luncheon.

Learn what trends are shaping the future of work for the CPA profession, opportunities to deliver value, what core skills employees need to perform their roles effectively, and more. 

Set your business up for success in 2021

Chris Panebianco is the chief marketing officer at Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG), a leading provider of financial solutions for highly-skilled professionals.

 Chris BHG

BHG has continued to lend to CPAs through the pandemic, and in this episode, Panebianco offers insight into how to set your business up for success in 2021. Visit to learn more about BHG.


December 2020

Member Meetup: Introducing a new way for KyCPA members to connect, collaborate and communicate.


In this episode of Behind the Numbers, we provide information on how KyCPA members may best utilize the newest member benefit Member Meetup. This platform is a new way for KyCPA members to connect, collaborate and communicate. Members are already talking about their own experiences regarding PPP and other COVID related topics. Also, there has been some chatter regarding how others are handling remote work, in-person meetings and holiday parties. Go to

Speaking of holiday parties, in this episode, we talk about KyCPAs first-ever virtual Holiday Luncheon. The Holiday Luncheon is a free member-only event on December 11. Attendees receive a $30 credit on Grubhub, enjoy Holiday Trivia and more. Register at

You may also do some holiday shopping and help the KyCPA Educational Foundation. Check out the Virtual Silent Auction Dec. 10-17, 2020. You may preview the auction items and access the auction at

To view, all KyCPA member benefits, visit To join KyCPA go to

November 2020

EQ and leadership with Jaclyn Badeau, a three-episode series.


Jaclyn Badeau is the president of Badeau Consulting LLC and is a CPA and a CGMA. She is also EQ certified and a DDI certified facilitator.

You also have the option of listening and viewing these episodes with Badeau on our YouTube channel.

Part 1: How to utilize and improve your emotional intelligence to gain a competitive edge.

Part 2: Learn how you can develop your EQ skills to attract and retain employees and to build your business. 

Part 3: How can you use emotional intelligence to help with difficult personal situations.


October 2020

KyCPA Government Affairs Director, Shelby Williams and KyCPA-PAC Chair, Alan Long, CPA, share information about KyCPAs Political Action Committee (PAC). Find out why members should donate to the PAC, why this year is so critical to have a voice in Frankfort and what the big wins were from the last session. 

Shelby Williams and Alan Long

Click here to find out more regarding KyCPA advocacy efforts and to donate to the KyCPA-PAC.

September 2020

KyCPA President, Esther Thompson-Long, focuses on how CPAs can keep up with the pace of change, promote employee involvement and leadership, and support advocacy efforts.

August 2020

Chris BHG

Chris Panebianco, chief marketing officer, Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG)

This podcast features Chris Panebianco, chief marketing officer at BHG, a leading provider of financial solutions for highly-skilled professionals. BHG has continued to lend to CPAs through the pandemic, and in this episode, Panebianco offers insight into the financial solutions available. He also shares how KyCPA members can safeguard their practices today, and prepare for the future. Those interested in learning more about BHG can visit


Diversity and inclusion: Part 1 

KyCPA members Rene Valadez and Kim Burse discuss the Society's Diversity and Inclusion Committees' four-phased process to develop recommendations to promote not only diversity of the profession and inclusion of underrepresented groups, but that will also increase the percentage of these individuals studying, pursuing and remaining in the accounting profession. For more information and to take a brief diversity and inclusion survey please visit

Diversity and inclusion: Part 2 

Rene Valadez and Kim Burse share AICPA diversity and inclusion resources and personal experiences during their professional journey towards becoming a CPA and now as members of the CPA profession. For more information and to take a brief diversity and inclusion survey please visit


July 2020

KyCPA staff share how they have continued to work for members throughout COVID-19

This episode also has KyCPA staff contact information and where to find out more about KyCPA member benefits.

A message from KyCPA staff: The bottom line is ... We're still working for you!

CPA Exam tips for success from Kentucky CPAs

The CPA Exam is now available year-round and testing centers are now opening for those wanting to take the exam. 

In this episode Kentucky CPAs share their tips for success that helped them pass the CPA Exam. 

Thank you Will Geer, Jake Brock, Kristine Gaines, Garrett Booth, Phillip Bond, Erin Beavin, Bina Khatri and Matthew Hazel for helping to mentor others through the CPA Exam process.  

June 2020

Restart Kentucky

Ashli Watts, president and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber discusses how business can rebound from COVID-19 with Kentucky Society of CPA members.


Follow-up Q&A with Whitney Bishop: Harnessing the power of disruption

May 2020

Harnessing the power of disruption with Whitney Bishop

How can you be an island of calm in a sea of chaos? The way we live, work and play have been disrupted in incredible ways. This is a time for opportunities to learn valuable ways to help us transition as the changes keep coming.

Bishop shares ways that you can help manage stress and other disruptors that come with transition.

Whitney Bishop is a Change Agent, based in Louisville, Kentucky who works with leaders in the social impact and entrepreneurial sectors. She brings a lifetime of curiosity, education, experimentation and presence to her facilitation, training, coaching & consulting work. Learn more about Whitney and her work at  

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