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Beginning with an eye-opening presentation of the security risks present in computer operating systems, browsers and search engines, we illustrate the risks and then present solutions. The discussion is team taught by a 45+ year practicing CPA as well as Taxspeaker's own security expert and IT Director Ryan Jennings. Wait, we're not done with security though as we then discuss the risks and use of artificial intelligence in a tax office and then enter the security world of the IRS, discussing WISP's, and providing a WISP plan template as well as remote work policies, computer & internet use policies and other useful policies. The final portion of security then address physical risks of theft, disaster and day to day operations.


This complete guide to IRS and business security issues provides written WISP plans and appendices, checklists, policies and letters for compliance. It also discusses various exposures from internet, physical and catastrophic issues and then provides clear guidance for eliminating or mitigating those losses, whether from hackers, thieves, solar storms, EMP, fires, floods, employees and many other situations.



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Thursday, May 16th

12:00pm to 3:00pm
(Check-In 11:30am)

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