Managing Through Corporate Politics - The Achilles' Heel of Executing Professional Skepticism


Professionals often require the ability to utilize professional skepticism, due care and independence when executing their corporate role. Corporate politics can be a combating factor when attempting to comply with those requirements. Leaders must be vigilant about nipping “political” problems in the bud, before they spiral out of control and/or impede those whose job it is to see through political agendas.

Dealing with corporate politics can be one of the most frustrating and confusing experiences for any professional. Unfortunately, selfishness, greed, bickering, lust for power, etc. can creep into your company's culture and impede productivity.

Learning to understand and deal with corporate politics is a prerequisite to being able to maintain an effective career. This course discusses the basics of corporate politics and provides you with alternatives to managing and handling dilemmas that you may face.

This course focuses on the core concepts that impact corporate politics and discusses methods for better understanding when, how, and why the issues occur. This enables professionals to better execute their professional skepticism, due care and independence responsibilities.




  • Explore the definition of corporate politics.
  • Recognize instances when corporate politics arise and identify methods to address corporate politics.
  • Identify the impact of corporate politics on an organization and its people.
  • Identify the types of corporate politics that exist and how to remedy them.
  • Explore the importance of the “metaphors” of corporate politics.
  • Identify how to dispel the myths of corporate politics.
  • Explore the types of “roles” and” players” in corporate politics.
  • Identify how to employ steps to overcome corporate politics


  • Defining corporate politics
  • Impact of corporate politics
  • Types of corporate politics and remedies
  • Metaphors of corporate politics
  • Dispelling myths
  • The players

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2 CPE Credits
Ethics: 2 Credits


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Friday, June 7th

10:00am to 11:43am

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Lynn Fountain